Platinum Residential

ClareMart Auction Group is the pioneer of multiple property auctions in South Africa, this method is  suitable to certain types of property sale. We strongly believe that the Multiple Auction setting will deliver a better result than on site auctions due to more buyers being in one well-presented setting. This process is highly efficient and creates the ultimate competitive bidding environment. This also means we do not risk exposing auction bidders to the elements especially when selling sites outside the urban edge where travelling may put prospective buyers off.

We produce an auction presentation, including Audio Visual production to properly present the property to the auction attendees. These auctions are held at a premier hotel venue which is commensurate with the image of Claremart. We are one of the ONLY Auctioneers conducting successful Multiple Auctions, especially in the Western Cape.

A full brochure together with information and specification packs will be provided to buyers prior to and at the auction.

The other benefit of this multiple auction process is that it is exposed to investors who may have attended to purchase a different property but are in position to, and often do, bid on other properties presented at the same event.


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