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As one of the most expert and respected auctioneers in South Africa, Jonathan has conducted some of the largest auction sales of agricultural, commercial, residential property and hotels. Jonathan has played a pioneering role in the development of  the auction industry in South Africa and is highly respected in the industry.

Jonathan Russell Smiedt, Founder and CEO of the ClareMart Auction Group, obtained his Baccalaureus Procurationis. After which he was admitted to the Side Bar and practiced law in Cape Town. After his tenure at this law practice, he chose to leave the legal profession and together with a partner formed the ClareMart Auction Group. Jonathan is a founding member of the South African Institute of Auctioneers and assisted his co-founders of this institute in drafting the code of conduct, code of ethics and its constitution. Jonathan is an appointed Appraiser to the High Court and the South African Council of Valuers.

AK 2


Talented auctioneer and experienced dealmaker, Andrew Koch has 20 years experience in the auction industry and is widely recognised as one of the best auctioneers in Southern Africa. Having studied quantity surveying and dabbled in public speaking and the training of public speakers, Andrew has many of the attributes that are essential in the auction game. Andrew was quick in developing his own auction “chant” whilst learning many of the fundamental skills of the game.

In 1991, he was keen to make a move beyond the construction industry and proceeded to cut his teeth on motor auctions. He now conducts some of the biggest value commercial and residential property auctions in South Africa. Furthermore Andrew generously donates his time and expertise to various charitable organisations for whom he conducts various fundraising auctions.Passionate about what he does, Andrew serves as a mentor to many in the industry and his professional approach raises the bar in the competitive auction arena.

Farrell 2


At the helm of the sales team, Director, Farrell Perling prides himself in delivering results for clients and has led from the front over the past few years.

Having graduated at U.C.T. with a degree majoring in Economics, Farrell brings an all round understanding of the business environment and has assisted strongly in the implementation of new visionary business practices. Success in the dynamic auction market depends on consistency in service levels and Farrell is constantly embracing new strategies to ensure that the Group produces results for clients – no matter how buoyant or difficult the economic environment may seem. Dedicated to the ClareMart philosophy of finding the right buyer for the right seller, Farrell ensures that clients receive the personal attention they deserve. For Farrell, setting benchmarks when it comes to service delivery in the auction industry is what it’s about.

Mike 2


Auction Director Mike Baigel, brings an in depth knowledge in the property market and a unique set of skills to the ClareMart team. A graduate from UCT with a Civil Engineering Degree, Mike spent thirteen years as a consulting engineer with a large multi-disciplinary firm in Cape Town. Later he started his own building company and spent a decade building and selling residential properties, as well as private consulting. Mike then became a partner in a commercial brokerage, but his passion remained within the property industry and in 2004, sensing a change in the way the market was moving, joined the ClareMart Auction Group.

His wide understanding and experience of the property market as well as his insistence on service excellence, makes Mike the perfect mentor from which to learn the ropes. In his capacity as director he coaches and guides many young agents starting their careers with the ClareMart Auction Group.

Marc R


Financial Manager, Marc Roberts, the latest appointment to the ClareMart Executive Team, ensures that the highest industry standards and practices are maintained at all times. Having studied Cost and Management Accounting at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Marc brings 11 years financial management experience to the table and he takes pride in running a professional and expert financial division. Having completed his articles at one of the leading auditing and accounting firms in Cape Town, Marc started his career as financial manager in the food and beverage industry. He soon however followed his interest in the property sector, by joining the ClareMart Auction Group.

Marc’s appointment as financial manager in April 2005, testifies to the continuous growth and improvement which is part of the ClareMart philosophy. This innovation however is soundly cemented on stability and reliability throughout all divisions within the ClareMart Auction Group.

Andrew E


Business development director Andrew Edelstein is the latest appointment to the ClareMart Executive Team.  A self-starter and entrepreneur, Andrew studied Marketing at Varsity College in Cape Town and owned his own business in the manufacturing industry – corporate and promotional clothing for six years. He soon recognised opportunities in the property market and started working as an independent property broker. After exclusively working with the ClareMart Auction Group for two years, Andrew officially joined the group in January 2008 as an auction property agent. Since his appointment, he has consistently been one of our star performers and has proved his mettle in the sales arena along with developing management skills. Andrew’s success is firmly built on ambition, persistence and unwavering work ethic and his energy and drive keeps him at the top of his game.

MC 2

Auctioneer and Auction Agent, MC Du Toit, is a fourth generation auctioneer and stems from a bonafide auction background. He served as Vice Chairman for SAIA from 2009 to 2011 and gained his experience in both Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal and specializes in property on both the South and East Coasts of South Africa. His style and brand of auctioneering is a favourite on the local charity auction circuit.


Auctioneer and Auction Agent, Garth Viljoen thrives on new challenges and his approach to systems and continual improvement coupled with his desire to be competitive makes him an asset to the team. Garth holds an MBA from an international university and his talent for sales and marketing made the auction industry a natural career choice. He joined the ClareMart Auction Group in 2009.


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